Permanent exhibition – The path of money
Money Museum

Money Museum

The Money Museum of the National Bank of Hungary is a prime example of why it is worth rethinking the meaning of the word museum. The Money Museum not only presents old money and the history of money in a spectacular way – the experience offered by the exhibition is much more comprehensive and versatile. Visitors take a carefully constructed journey of discovery around the world of money, accompanied by interactive games and spectacular visual displays. The various tools, platforms, publications and events are all built around a common content and message. The Money Museum will thus become both a Hungarian stronghold of financial education and a prominent member of the international museum world.

Our Articles

The Money Museum has won two more awards

Today, the Money Museum was recognized as a family-friendly museum and also received a special museum pedagogical award.

27. September 2023.


The Money Museum has received a prestigious international award!

34 museums from 20 countries competed in the finals

21. September 2023.


"Our century-old value – from skating rink to the Money Museum"

A new temporary exhibition called: "Our century-old value – from skating rink to the Money Museum" has opened in the Money Museum

14. September 2023.