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Money Museum

The Money Museum of the National Bank of Hungary is a prime example of why it is worth rethinking the meaning of the word museum. The Money Museum not only presents old money and the history of money in a spectacular way – the experience offered by the exhibition is much more comprehensive and versatile. Visitors take a carefully constructed journey of discovery around the world of money, accompanied by interactive games and spectacular visual displays. The various tools, platforms, publications and events are all built around a common content and message. The Money Museum will thus become both a Hungarian stronghold of financial education and a prominent member of the international museum world.

Our Articles

Exhibition of the competition artworks

"My experiences at the Money Museum" is a competition we held for primary and secondary school students in the November of 2023.

02. April 2024.


Congratulations to the winners of our national BankCode competition!

On Tuesday, the Superfinals of our BankCode national study competition were held at the Money Museum.

27. March 2024.


Holiday opening hours

During the spring break, we will welcome families with small children with a wide range of handicraft activities.

27. March 2024.


Our domestic and international collaborations

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