Book your visit at the Money Museum

Our museum can be visited for free, but an appointment is mandatory!

School groups can view exhibition in the form of a guided tour between 08:00 and 14:00 on every weekday, except Tuesday. The last guided tour for school groups starts at 14:00.
Every group has to register online and make a reservation before visiting the museum. The appointed guide will adapt the theme to the composition and knowledge level of the visiting group.
A maximum of 18 people can fit in one group. School classes consisting of more than 18 people can view the exhibition after being divided into two groups. The groups can start the tour in 15-minute intervals. The waiting half of the class can gain knowledge while having fun in the Gold Mine, so even the time spent waiting can be filled with exciting discoveries.  The interactivity of the spaces within the exhibition and the high level of group participation mean that they provide a special social experience in addition to entertaining knowledge acquisition.


On weekdays, with the exception of Tuesdays, from 14:00 until closing, and on the weekends, visiting the exhibition is not limited to groups, but an appointment is required.

Individual groups can book a time slot for their visit in advance through online registration.  A group of visitors can have a maximum of 18 people, in case there are more people, the group will be divided into 2 or more smaller groups, which depart at 10-minute intervals from each other.
Compliance with the house rules is the responsibility of the group leader or parent.

Be a part of the Money Museum experience!