Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Legal Notice of the website

The domain of the website penzmuzeum.hu/en (hereinafter referred to as “website”) is owned by MNB-EduLab Kompetencia Központ Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (hereinafter referred to as “MNB-EduLab”).

By commencing the use of the website, the User accepts by conduct the following terms and rules relating to use and data processing.

1. Copyright

The copyright of any content of the website is owned by MNB-EduLab, except in cases where a particular document states otherwise, or where another copyright-related disclosure is made.

The information contained on the website—unless otherwise stated—may be distributed with the content unchanged as long as the sources is indicated.

Intellectual creations (articles, studies) of third persons published on the website may only be used in accordance with the provisions of Act LXXVI of 1999 on Copyright. Any use beyond the aforementioned rules shall be subject to the author’s consent.

2. Information

The information, data, conditions published on the MNB-EduLab websites are for informational purposes only, MNB-EduLab does not assume any liability whatsoever for their completeness or accuracy.

The information published on the website are not intended as advice, they are considered by MNB-EduLab to be information notices and MNB-EduLab rejects any liability whatsoever for any damage resulting from their use for any other purposes or from any decision based on them.

MNB-EduLab makes an effort to publish credible and accurate information, however, MNB-EduLab does not accept any liability for any defect or inaccuracy thereof or any consequences or damage resulting from the use thereof.

Any and all information contained on the website at any time is provided “as is”, and MNB-EduLab does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, timeliness of such information, or the results arising from their use, furthermore, it does not assume any express or implied warranties for these and does not provide any warranties, inter alia, for performance, marketability or fitness for a particular purpose.

MNB-EduLab does not assume any liability for any damage, loss, cost or expense that might arise from the use, the unavailability, inadequate operation, malfunction of the websites, the unauthorised alteration of any data by any party, or for any damage, loss, cost or expense that is the result of a delay of the transmission of information, computer malware, network or system malfunctions or from any causes of a similar nature.

MNB-Edulab reserves the right to modify the content of the website in its entirety or in part at any time.

3. Affiliated websites

The website may include points of access (so-called hyperlinks) that provide the possibility of automatically accessing other Internet websites. Content downloaded via external links is beyond MNB-EduLab’s control.

The website only provides access to affiliated websites, nevertheless, it does not assume any liability whatsoever of any nature for affiliated websites or the information displayed on such websites, even in the case if such websites have been reviewed or approved by any employee or agent of MNB-EduLab.

MNB-EduLab does not assume any liability for any content created, forwarded, stored, made accessible or published by any third party to which links or references are displayed on the MNB-EduLab website. Furthermore, MNB-EduLab does not accept any liability for compliance with the confidentiality of data protection practice of the owners of other websites.

4. Legal consequences

In the case of a breach of the provisions of this legal notice, MNB-EduLab will take immediate action against the breaching party without delay to ensure the violation is discontinued.

5. Amendment of the Legal Notice

MNB-EduLab reserves the right to amend this Legal Notice, of which fact it will inform Users through this website.