Discover It

Discover It

The Money Museum awaits visitors with almost endless curiosities and exciting crumbs of knowledge waiting to be discovered. Under the ‘Discover’ menu item of our website, we have collected a lot of colourful and useful information on four topics that are worth studying in-depth.


In the ‘Collection’ submenu, visitors can find information about the collections that can be viewed in the Money Museum. Here we give an insight into the collection of emblematic objects of banking history and the banknote and coin collection of the National Bank of Hungary. In addition, the menu item provides information on the circumstances under which special works of art of the museum can be studied for research purposes. You can access the collection here.

About The Gold

Under the ‘About The Gold’ menu item, the secrets of the most extraordinary precious metal are revealed. On the “New Golden Age’ subpage, we present in detail the steps in which the national gold reserve has risen to its current level, while the ‘Gold Book’ menu item also provides information on the role of gold in today's economy. The Central Bank of Hungary’s (MNB) Golden Train menu item then presents readers with an authentic story about real events, during which the nation's gold reserves amounting to 30 tons were evacuated across the border at the end of World War II by a railway train, the Golden Train, in a manner that would fit right into any adventure novel. Learn more here.