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Cookie Information

This website uses (‘cookies’)

This website uses cookies for more convenient browsing. By using the website, the user accepts the conditions required to the use. Please read through our cookies policy, where You can find further information on cookies and how to turn off or delete them.

Cookie management

As almost all organizations having website, the Central Bank of Hungary also uses cookies on its website. Cookie management involves data processing, when the Controller is the Central Bank of Hungary (seat: 1013 Budapest, Krisztina blv. 55). The goal of processing is to make the usability and processes of our website easier. The legal basis of processing is the user’s consent.

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small file, which is placed onto the computer when You visit a website. Cookies have several features. Among others, they gather information, remember the individual settings of the user, they are used, and generally make the use of the websites easier for the users.

In order to improve the quality of the services of the Central Bank of Hungary, and/or to properly manage the security and data protection risks, so-called cookies are used. Cookie is such a small data group, which is stored by the website in your computer’s browser software, which may be then read therefrom. No other website can read the cookie, only the one that placed it there. The Central Bank of Hungary may use the cookie for administrative purposes, such as measuring the website traffic. A cookie contains no such personal data, which may enable anyone access the user via e-mail, phone or conventional postal method. The browser software may be set to notify on the placement of cookies and/or to prevent the placement of cookies.

What types of cookies are used by the Central Bank of Hungary, and for what purposes?

The Central Bank of Hungary uses cookies for the following purposes:

• gathering information regarding who and how uses the website;

• improving our websites;

• making navigation easier on our website and in the course of using its features, this ensuring seamless user experience;

• placement of targeted advertisements on other websites;

• differentiation, identification of browser users;

• tracking the activities performed on the website, in order to make use send relevant offers important or interesting for the user.

Absolutely necessary session cookies

These cookies are required for the users to browse our website, to use its features, eg. among others, to remember the operations performed by a user on the particular sites during a visit. The expiry date of such cookies relate exclusively to the actual visit, upon finishing the session and/or closing the browser, this type of cookies are automatically deleted from the computer. Note that without using such cookies, we are unable to guarantee the use of our website!

Cookies assisting use

These provide the opportunity to remember the choices regarding our website.

Cookies differentiating, identifying browser users

These cookies are used to render individual ID (corresponding to the device used to visit the website – browser pair). Based on the ID, the client’s ID cannot be identified, but based on separate controlling consent, the data recorded in these cookies may be rendered to the client.

Cookies ensuring performance

For the purpose to analyse the user’s behaviour during browsing the website, the National Bank of Hungary uses web beacons from Yahoo! and Google. The anonymous information collected from here and other websites may be used by Yahoo! and Google to improve their products and services, and to mediate relevant advertisements to the user. If You want to learnt more information on this practice or want to know what options do You have to prevent Yahoo! and/or Google use the information obtained, click here, or here.

How can You check and how to switch off cookies?

Every modern browser allows to change the cookie settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies as default, but these may be generally changed so to prevent automatic acceptance, and to offer the option to choose each time whether You want to allow cookies or not.

We raise your attention that since the cookies are intended to make the use of our website and processes easier or available, by preventing the use of cookies or deleting them, it might occur that our users are unable to completely use the features of our website and/or that the website functions other than planned in their browsers.